Christian books written for the glory of God and sanctification of the Church.

Urban Scholar Books is an independent publisher created for the purpose of building the Church of Jesus Christ by equipping Christians with the tools and knowledge they need to grow into spiritually mature believers.


We are “urban” in the sense that our books are not written for academia, but for the everyday Christians. Our goal is to write books that are easy to understand and don’t require a seminary degree. We want everyone to understand the Bible, regardless of age or education level. While our books are written with a general audience in mind, there are times when books will be targeted to a particularly urban demographic.


We are also “scholar”-ly because we want our readers to think. Writing easy to read books is one thing, but we also want to challenge readers to think about what they’re reading. Reading merely for the ascent of knowledge is fruitless. We sincerely hope that readers will not only read our books, but meditate on their truths and apply them to their lives. The Christian life consists of both knowledge and action, and without both you’re left wanting (James 2:26).


Urban Scholar Books was founded in February 2015 by contributing author LaRosa Johnson. Even though he was always more of a math & science guy, the Lord always continued to give him a passion for writing and expressing himself through the written word. This passion led LaRosa to write Bible studies and daily devotionals that he would later publish on various ministry websites that he operated over the years.

In 2007 LaRosa’s passions collided when he was presented with an opportunity to work in the Bible software industry as an e-book developer for WORDsearch Bible Software, and later Olive Tree Bible Software. It was here that he began to learn the in’s & out’s of the Christian publishing industry, from content creation to marketing. These valuable skills and knowledge equipped LaRosa with everything he needed to step out and play a part in seeing this company come to life.

Our first book, Raw Material, launched in May/June 2015 in both digital and print formats.